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Topic - Commercial Development & Finance

This page summarizes KnowledgePlex content about Commercial Development & Finance.

The construction, finance, management, and preservation of commercial assets is a critical aspect of economic revitalization. Commercial development and finance programs seek to encourage commercial districts to strengthen small businesses, improve the physical environment, and provide organizational support, business counseling, and loan packaging. The intent is to revitalize the business climate in impoverished and depressed neighborhoods and to provide additional goods, services, and employment for the community.

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Most Relevant Documents
Chicanos Por La Causa, Phoenix, AZ- Case study from On the Ground with Comprehensive Community Initiatives (100%)
Beth Williams Pryor, Jennifer Blake, Henrique Caine, Diana Meyer
The Enterprise Foundation
January 1, 2000
Shared Equity Homeownership: the Changing Landscape of Resale-Restricted, Owner-Occupied Housing (67%)
John Emmeus Davis
National Housing Institute
January 1, 2006
The Impact of Housing on Community: A Review of Scholarly Theories and Empirical Research (64%)
Alexander von Hoffman, Eric S. Belsky, Kwan Lee
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
March 1, 2006
In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement (64%)
Diane Levy, Jennifer Comey, Sandra Padilla
Urban Institute
March 2006
Public-Sector Loans to Private-Sector Businesses (62%)
Christopher Walker,Martin D. Abravanel,Patrick Boxall,Roger C. Kormendi,Kenneth Temkin,Marsha Tonkovich
Urban Institute
December 1, 2002

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2004 Annual Housing Conference (25%)
November 10, 2004

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