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Topic - Financial Strategies & Tools

This page summarizes KnowledgePlex content about Financial Strategies & Tools.

A variety of financial strategies and tools are available to help low-income and underserved populations build wealth, attain financial security and economic self-sufficiency, and become homeowners. These include no- or low-fee banking services; personal credit programs; the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which is a refundable tax credit that transfers additional income to underserved populations; and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), which are designed to help low-income families save and accumulate financial assets.

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Building Assets, Building Credit: Symposium Proceedings (100%)
Jeanne Engel
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
January 1, 2004
From Poverty, Opportunity: Putting the Market to Work for Lower Income Families (86%)
Matt Fellowes
The Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program
July 1, 2006
Toward a New Credit Path: Lessons From a Survey of 904 Alternatives Federal Credit Union Members (78%)
William Myers, Deirdre Silverman, Cathie Mahon, Jack Northrup, Kirsten Moy
The Aspen Institute
December 1, 2006
Community Development Reform Summaries (77%)
The Aspen Institute
July 25, 2005
Linking Colleges to Communities: Engaging the University for Community Development (76%)
Steve Dubb
The Democracy Collaborative
June 1, 2007

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